The Shipley Glen Tramway

Opened 1895

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Newspaper articles, photos and other articles are shown as PDF files and a PDF reader is required on your computer.

Movie Clips are set to open in Windows Media Player.

If you wish to discuss any of the Archives please use the Contacts page and email your enquiry.

We also have a number of publications which are relevant to the Tramway and which are available for sale at either station.

‘The Shipley Glen Tramway’ is an outline of the history and mechanics of the Tramway.

A DVD is available which covers much the same ground as the above but also includes a filmed ride on the Tramway.

‘The Shipley Glen Tramway - its Pedigree’ traces the history of tramways since very early times.

Another publication traces the ancient track ways in the area whilst another is a collection of reminiscences of people remembering the tramway and Shipley Glen of their earlier years.

We also have a DVD with massive resources for a study of Shipley Glen, Baildon Moor and out to Otley Road beyond Farweather and Sconce. This has been used in schools as a basis for a study of the area and includes history, wild life, time lines, photographs, work sheets and suggested lesson planning with suggestions for use in most areas of the curriculum.

This page is a portal to those wanting to view the Shipley Glen Tramway’s Archives of photographs, newspaper articles and other material.

We are happy to allow persons who are conducting genuine research into subjects related to the Tramway, to view these archives. However we do ask for a little information about yourself and what research you are undertaking.

Please click here and submit the form. A password for the portal will then be sent to you.